2 Chainz gave us one of the best late night exhibitions of 2017 when he brought the Trap Choir out for a version of

“Good Drank” in February. In an arrival to Fallon Friday night, Chainz gave another critical execution, imparting the

phase to Travis Scott for “4AM,” a track from his new album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music. In the wake of breaking his

leg not long ago, Chainz chose to avoid wiping out his visit for visiting in a wheelchair. The pink bike, which

coordinates the rapper’s collection cover, showed up on the late night arrange Friday, and keeping in mind that

Chainz could work the group while situated, he likewise demonstrated he’s in the recuperation procedure, remaining

for the last verse of the track. Normally, Travis, who wore a Houston Astros top in help of his home group, influenced

great utilization of the phase to compensate for Chainz’ to absence of portability.



Just before the late night performance, Chainz joined Fallon on the couch to talk about his tour and his upcoming VICELAND show MOST EXPENSIVEST (based on GQ’s Most Expensivest Shit). He brought his dog Trappy along for the interview, who began to fall asleep during the conversation. Chainz joked that the dog had “heard this story before.”