VIDEO: House Of Musaak ft. Oral P X Adeekay – Copy Dat

VIDEO: House Of Musaak ft. Oral P X Adeekay – Copy Dat

In the event that you took after nearly, the most recent happenings in the Nigerian music industry over the previous year, you would have seen a specific buzz around another melodic mark, House Of Musaak truly ‘battling for consideration’. The battle through their first single (Listen HERE) has driven them to this exact instant as 2 individuals from the new mark collaborate for a shining new single titled ‘Duplicate Dat’


The song starts off as a solid mid-tempo song with catchy pianos and flutes executed excellently by the producer Ozbeat Mix. That in turn sets the tone for an enjoyable 4minutes of musical experience made possible by additional effort from experienced sound mixer, Indomix.

“Shorty give me main main and you know I dapada/
Said she wants to ride a boy, something like an okada/
Say I drive her crazy with no seatbelt and she don’t bother”

Abia-born Oral P spat confidently with his sharp multi lingual lyrics, telling a story about his encounter with lady who was feeling the boy and how he ‘gave’ it to her back, Copy Dat?
Adeekay wasn’t going to be found wanting on this monster jam as he also delivered succinctly with imperious vocals.
The video, a handwork of “Include video director” features other members of the house and was shot at a location in lagos.

This song has all it takes to be a new school anthem not only because of its content; It’s coming off a wonderfully run label put together by Chinwe Nwokocha(CNN), an entrepreneur with top managerial skills, good enough to drive the House of Musaak into immediate success they deserve.

Enjoy this beautiful song, stream, download and watch the visual via the Links attached.
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