Coca-Cola – “Taste The Feeling”

Not only is Coke bringing us fun and happy cheer
in a variety of bottles, they’ve added sweet, good
music to serenade our ears. Their latest offering
is a western, pop-country sound with vocals by
Conrad Sewell. The music melodies on “Taste The
Feeling” will further light up your desire for Coke
again, as the instrumentals were led heavily by
strumming symphonies from an electric lead
guitar, whose riffs perfectly induces the
sensation to grab and down a chill bottle.

Remember that Coke sent the nation into a
unusual frenzy with stylized bottles that had the
name tags of over a billion consumers worldwide.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Coke made room
for top slangs that have ruled the national space
like ‘Chairman’ ‘Boss’ ‘No Shaking’ and more
others labeled on the crown corks of these
We get all these and more from simply sharing a

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