Darey’s “Pray For Me” Is The First Contender For Video Of The Year In 2016


The Nigerian entertainment industry has hit that
brick wall where it looks like relatively nothing new
can come out from the genius minds of Clarence
Peters and his cohorts. Nigerian music videos have
a unidirectional strategy – it’s either we’re
playing turn up in the club (or at some alley in
the hustle streets of Lagos) or we go the
Nollywood way – drama!

So when we happened upon Darey ‘s “Pray For Me“
video off his recent studio compilation release,
Naked , and featuring the Soweto Gospel Choir ,
our excitement heightened. This single is
everything and more that an emotive musical
piece should be. From the lyrical arrangement to
the vocal showcase, the piano chords and the
intermittent beating of the gongs; the overall
artistic direction on Pray For Me will move you to
tears. But if you’re the stoned-heart type, you
most certainly will find the goose bump reaction
coming from the endodermis of your skin.

The video opens with a father-son dialogue
featuring industry veteran, Olu Jacobs (and his
wife, Joke Silva who also makes a riveting cameo
in the implosive visual. Darey says he’s going to
the city. The expression he wears on his contoured
face immediately relays defeat, a reluctance to
remain in the status quo and an internal struggle
to keep moving on, only elsewhere from home. You
can see that proper detailing was taken account
of in this video – Darey’s Nigerwax fabric that
was sewn into those traditional regalias of old, the
vintage slip-on, his travel pack, the sandy
locations and the Volvo 240; evokes sentiments
borne out of a prime era but yet defining the
sense of class retained in the video. Olu and Joke
deliver their theatrical show like iconic taste
makers in the art that they have otherwise
ascended to becoming in their field. Even the
trees that glisten in their greens are an
indicators of hope as he journeys away in search
of a better pasture. But because nobody said it’ll
be easy, Darey applies himself to the typical
hurdles one has to scale in life, and the
staggering blows it deals as one finds his way to
the top.

Pray For Me is so emotionally entertaining and
with a gripping edge to it that almost doesn’t let
you remember that it’s a 5-minute long video (as
against the usual barely 4-minute music videos
we’re used to seeing often time). To be honest, as
the viewing progressed, I became even more
ecstatic to see the name of who put together a
dynamic order of slayage into pictures. The play
on contrast of colours, close-up shots, aerial pans
and the overall video plot adaptation was too
much and a very well deserved score. MEX
directed it! For him, this feat alone shoots his
general ranking by two stars up and it makes him
an unquestionable nominee for Oscar Video
Director in 2016. Darey on the other hand makes
a breaking and timed entry since his video release
snags the first contending position for Video of
the Year in 2016. It is also without doubt that
Darey’s Pray For Me will be pulling rave reviews,
encomiums and awards for such adept ingenuity
shown. If it doesn’t, then award show companies
and voters especially really need to get checked.

That one is crystal!
Written by Jim Donnett

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