Dave East ft The Game – Bad Boy On Death Row


Dave East and The Game assemble two traditions
of gangsta rap for “Bad Boy on death house.”

A week after his last track, “Dead Man Walking,”
Dave East is back with a strong new collab with The
Game: “Bad Boy on death house.” There’s a good
quantity of kinship between the stylings of the
Arthur Compton veteran and also the Harlem tyke,
and on “Bad Boy on Death Row,” they come
through with a swish, purist piece of gangsta rap.
The title is fitting.

“Bad Boy on Death Row” is produced by Buda
& Grandz, the New York pair behind East’s
recent track “Money,” also one of his standout
tracks of the year. This must’ve been an in-studio
collab, as the back-and-forth raps are utterly
regular, and each rapper takes inspiration from
the other’s several home neighborhood. More cross-
country collabs like “Bad Boy on Death Row” ar
actually welcome.

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