Nipsey Hussle ft Young Thug & Mozzy – I Do This

The return of Nipsey Hussle has been one of the
foremost pleasant developments of 2016. His
album, whenever it arrives, is sounding like it’ll be
scary sensible. Today, he’s back with his fifth new
record within the past month, “I Do This.” It’s also
his second recent collab with Young criminal,
following “Thug Life.” They’re proving to be an
unexpectedly powerful try. “I Do This” also options
one of California’s most promising young rappers in
Sacramento’s Mozzy. The track is produced by
microphone Free, and it begins with an intro from
one of Nipsey’s affiliates, Sinister Pook.

Though Nipsey is a gangsta rapper through and
thru, he’s recently been showing his softer, more
vulnerable aspect, and that continues on “I try
this.” Both Nipsey and Mozzy relay the pressures of
being one of the few to create it out of their home
neighborhoods and the way on a daily basis may be
a new fight to place on for those still confined to
the struggle. Young Thug’s hook is manic, painful,
and ultimately beautiful. To finish the track, he
drops off a frenzied burst of inspiration that
possesses to be one among the more ingenious flows
of his career. What a record.

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